Juicy June at Whole Foods with Brother Echo

Aloha Everyone!

The month of June is upon us and we find ourselves soaking up more sunlight and divine inspiration, summer is here! As we collectively bask in the light and warmth covering the Northern hemisphere of the planet, I feel as though it is important for us all to pay close attention to how our bodies feel, how our minds function and how our spirits are lifted.

The summer months are a time for rebirth, awakening, dance, play, excitement, etc. When summer comes around there is a reason people want to be outside celebrating life and it’s not just because the weather is warmer, it’s for a number of reasons.

Yes, it’s nice to be outside when it’s warm but it’s not just the heat that draws us outside. Although we may not all pay attention to it because we have collectively become disconnected to nature but we all yearn to see flowers in bloom, birds dancing through the skies and new leaves growing on trees.

Although we might not consciously recognize it, in the very same way our living environments change before our very eyes, on a subtle and timeless level we too are also transforming with the seasons.

This transformation is what we are going to be talking about all this month at the 3rd and Fairfax Whole Foods located at 6350 West 3rd St Los Angeles, CA 90036

Time for Transformationtransformation

During the month of June we will be honoring our natural inclination to blossom and express our highest potential. A lot of times during the summer months people will tend to want to get on a diet in hopes of shaping up the body for the beach.

Looking good physically on the outside for the beach is terrific but it’s a whole different level of  commitment to consciously make new choices in life so that we firstly feel great on the inside and looking good on the outside is secondary or as they like to say, “icing on the cake”.

This month we’re going to have our cake and eat it too. We are done with fad diets, fly by night weight loss programs and above all we are affirming our capacity to heal ourselves, maintain a healthy vibrant lifestyle and a life full of abundance, joy and magic.

Please join Brother Echo and friends at the 3rd and Fairfax Whole Foods this month for amazing raw vegan food, stimulating dialog and community.

The class/demo is FREE to the public and there are two dates in June, Tuesday June 12th and Tuesday June 26th. Both dates have the start time of 6pm to 7:30.

Peace and blessings,

-Brother Echo



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