Juice Cleanse Detox, 14 of 30 Days – Meditation Practice

Juice Cleanse Detox, 14 of 30 Days – Meditation Practice

Juice Cleanse Detox, 14 of 30 Days – Meditation Practice

Aloha beautiful people!

Welcome to another day in the juicy life of Brother Echo! Today is day 14 of this juice feast, cleanse and detox and I’m feeling great. I must say however that wasn’t the case for the better part of the day. This morning was so slow and I was feeling rather lethargic, tired and I was aching from lifting weights the previous day.

It really took a lot not to give up today but I got through the fire and around 2pm, turned the corner and felt my energy levels bounce back with fury!

The reason the morning was so rough was because I didn’t get enough sleep. I’ve been working around the clock lately because we’ve got so many different projects going on with Open Source Organics and with Brother Echo in general.

No matter how much I have going on in my life that’s no excuse for not getting enough sleep. Although when I’m on a juice cleanse and detox, typically 4-5 hours of sleep is well enough, I can’t burn the candle at both ends 7 days a week.

Lesson learned, I’m going to pump the brakes a little and be sure to get at least an extra hour of sleep each night.

Today in this video I’m talking about meditation and how it has begun to really enhance my life now that I’m sitting twice daily. Before I would always talk a good game but was never consistent, now I don’t even think twice about meditating when I wake and go to bed at night.

I hope you enjoy the video, your feedback and experiences with meditation are welcome.

Peace and blessings,

-BE, love :-)

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