Juice Cleanse Detox, 29 of 40 Days – Inspired at Gratitude

Juice Cleanse Detox, 29 of 40 Days – Inspired at Gratitude


Today was another amazing day, juicy, sun shining, love making and celebrating! Wow, the days are just flying by now and I have absolutely no cravings or up and down feelings, in fact I’m flying high.

Each day that passes by now I’m finding myself more and more inspired. I’m inspired by myself, I’m inspired by you, I’m inspired by all those who come into my life and I’m inspired by the unfolding mystery of the Universe.

As I reflect on my life, the miracle of each passing moment I am becoming more and more aware of the unique ability I have (as well as everyone else) to craft and maneuver my reality by my own will, this is what is known as MAGIC.

My intrinsic connection to my consciousness and that of the global and universal consciousness is now being fine tuned, refined, cultivated, crafted and strengthened by my intention.

Jesus The Meditator

What is my intention you might ask?

My intention is to delve deep into the divine ocean of unconditional love, my intention is to be that love. My intention is to saturate all that I come into contact, with the eternal, steady and consistent truth of love.

In this action of loving I am inspired by inspiring others to embrace the power and gift of love.

As each day passes and I move deeper into this cleanse and detox, I am loving myself in such profound ways. Having previously lived several years of my life not loving myself I am so appreciative of the unfolding grace in which the Universe reveals lessons, teachers and infinite opportunities to improve, enhance and refine ones consciousness.

I love myself.

I am inspired.

I love you.

BE, love :-) -Brother Echo

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