Michael Brian Baker Interview, Breathwork and Cleansing

Michael Brian Baker Interview, Breathwork and Cleansing

Aloha Family!

A few days ago I got the opportunity to sit down and talk with a brother whom I’ve been curious about for quite some time: healer, spiritual seeker, community leader and new father Michael Brian Baker.

I have been seeing Michael around the Los Angeles area at numerous kirtans, social events, festivals and gatherings. Every time I see this brother, he’s got a big smile on his face and is glowing with positive energy.

As many of you know I make it a point in my life to surround myself with positive people, so it’s no surprise Michael and I found time to sit down and talk.

In this video interview we talk about several topics mainly having to do with breathwork, cleansing and detoxing the body. As it turns out Michael and I have many similar passions in the way of raising the vibration in our community and world as a whole. We both see the importance in leading by example and in this practice of “right living” we inspire and encourage others to find their authentic self, path and passion in life.

All too often I come into contact with people who aren’t living life to their fullest potential. I think Michael summed it up best in this interview when I said: “Your job is to be a human being”.

Being a Human Being

Many of us get caught up in our daily grind and over the years we get lost in our ego projection of, accountant, teacher, lawyer, actor, yogi, spiritual person, doctor, etc. Our job here on planet Earth isn’t to be a vice president of a fortune 500 company or the world’s best computer programmer, our job here on Earth in this incarnation is to explore the vastness of this reality, love one another and be the most HUMAN BEING you can possibly be.

That being said, of course we get to play the game of teacher, lawyer, doctor, spiritual practitioner, or whatever you like but we must not get lost in that game, we must remain centered in our human-being-ness and constantly strive to improve and enhance our condition.

We can enhance our experience as human beings in several ways. I would say and many would agree the most important practices we can implement in our lives is to bring consciousness to what we put in our bodies (living foods), attention to the breath (breathwork and meditation) and daily exercise (yoga).

Far too many of us are trapped by our own minds, habits and inconsistencies. A great many of us do not see the innate ability we have as individuals to rise above and beyond the current accepted paradigm of consumerism, cookie cutter fear based religions and scarcity reality.

Each one of us has the power within to raise our individual consciousness and vibration. The key to realizing our highest potential is to breakaway from the current way of thinking which insist that we seek for answers outside oneself. If we are to ever obtain enlightenment and self realization it can only be done if we turn our gaze inward and do the work on ourselves necessary to ascend to these higher realms of consciousness.

This practice, this work is not something most people are willing to accept. With an entire world telling us to seek outside for answers, it makes it very difficult to step away from the herd MENTALity and discover the divine and perfect god-power within.

I hope this video inspires those who watch to summon the courage to seek within. I hope this video resonates with each person who watches it and I hope that in the great words of many saints, gurus and teachers before us, we can all, “Be a Light Unto Ourselves”.


-BE, love :-) -Brother Echo

Michael Brian Baker and Brother Echo

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