Juice Cleanse Detox, 32 of 40 Days – Longest Day Ever!

Juice Cleanse Detox, 32 of 40 Days – Longest Day Ever!

Aloha Internet Family!

Wow, today was an absolute test of my resolve, stamina, body and spirit! When I woke up this morning everything was great, I felt full of energy, had an amazing night of dreams and remembered a lot of them. There was no doubt in my mind that today was going to be a great day.

A great day it turned out to be, a great number of hurdles, obstacles, challenges and discomfort. To put it simply and get straight to the point, I was dead tired all day long. My body was barely holding up and when you’re standing on your feet for nearly 12 hours every little thing is a test of ones nerves and patience.

I already know what the culprit was for my day of discomfort, lack of sleep. Even as I sit here typing this blog post slouched in my black computer chair, eyes barely open and in desperate need of a massage, I know I won’t be getting to bed until at least 11pm tonight (and that’s okay).

Persistence, Consistency and Dedication

You see I’ve got this work ethic now that just won’t quit and it’s amplified by the fact that I love what I do. I love writing, I love editing creative content, producing thought provoking media, socializing on FaceBook, Twitter, etc. Don’t even get me started on studying spiritual matters till the break-a-dawn. I can stay up all night listening to informative lectures and spiritual content, enhancing my field of knowledge and understanding.

Although I know I should be getting more sleep, there is something that keeps pushing me to stay up another hour, then another 30 minutes and it goes on and on.

I understand the importance of what I’m doing and I sense the urgency for me to stay busy, stay on task, increase my awareness, knowledge, profile, web presence and relationship with the sangha (community). The truth is, I know I’m about to really take off career wise and I’m finally going to have the opportunities I’ve been waiting for to reach masses of people, this is what I’ve been waiting for (although I wasn’t always aware of it) all my life.

I’m excited to have the opportunity to change lives, inspire others and help make this world a better place.

Every little extra half an hour I stay up to tweak a video edit or research a superfood is another step toward realizing my dream, having a positive impact on my surrounding community and the world as a whole.

I’ve set big intentions and goals for myself and I know I’m the only one who can obtain these goals. I’ve got to put in the time, I’ve got to put in the work.

My motto these days is work hard now, play even harder later!

Until then, juice, meditation, yoga, loving friends, family and a profound commitment to excellence! This is the year for many of us to step into our glory, embrace our divine rights as magicians, healers, teachers, stewards of nature and powerful human beings. Let us walk forward into the horizon and discover our unlimited potential with grace and the highest intentions.

The world is what we make of it.


-BE, love :-) -Brother Echo

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