Juice Cleanse Detox, 33 of 40 Days – Read Them Labels

Juice Cleanse Detox, 33 of 40 Days – Read Them Labels

Aloha Family!

Today we’re talking about the importance and individual responsibility of reading labels. I can’t emphasize enough the magic that comes into ones life with the shift in consciousness allowing oneself to own the fact that this practice (along with many others) is the individuals responsibility, his or hers alone.

Let me put it like this, this entire existence we find ourselves in (this experiential showcase) and all its drama is a cosmic game of sorts. As we move along in our daily lives we get caught up in this drama as it unfolds and we naturally take it very seriously.

The majority of us accept and believe the idea that there could be an end to us, that we are finite beings. As a result of this flawed way of thinking the majority of us live our lives in fear mode and a scarcity reality. The fact is there could be nothing further from the truth.

We are not finite beings, we are eternal beings who have existed before there was any concept of time and we have the capacity to create, destroy, live fearful lives or radiant and abundant lives rooted in unconditional love.

Over many lifetimes we learn about our infinite nature and we learn to release the patterns of fear and scarcity as we grow, develop and learn.

Living Foods for Health

Taking Ownership and Responsibility of Ones Life

A huge part of growth and development as individuals is taking self responsibility and cultivating the ability, awareness and practice of turning ones gaze inward, not outward. Once we make this shift we will discover our innate magic as human beings.

In order to sustain this practice of self reflection, self observation and presence of mind, body and spirit we must feed the body LIVING FOODS (sunlight). If you were not already aware, we are made of star stuff, sunlight, pure prana and the most efficient way to awaken ones being and reach our highest potential is to feed the body what it naturally needs and knows what to do with… SUNLIGHT!

There are many modalities we must adhere to, become familiar with and adjust so that these practices work for us as individuals. Today we are address just one of the many (seemingly insignificant) practices that will benefit us greatly physically and spiritually.

Read Labels When Shopping

Reading Labels Consistently

The conscious decision to read labels of products we put into our bodies may seem like something that isn’t a big deal but in fact it is extremely important and takes some practice to get used to. I must admit in my busy day to day life I don’t always read my labels but I will say I’m much better than I used to be.

I understand the importance of reading labels and more importantly I know for a fact that companies (seemingly good, organic and right to do) don’t always label products so that they are easy to comprehend. I know for a fact that many products on store shelves are labeled in a way to be misleading and made to look like what they are not.

To be perfectly honest with you, I used to get upset with regard to this shady practice of labeling but now I see things in a different light.

The fact that there are so many misleading labeling practices is a shame but I have shifted my energy away from pointing the finger at the faulty companies and placed the responsibility squarely on my shoulders.

I see this whole spectacle as a game now and it’s my job to learn the rules of the game and bend (break if I have to) the rules in my favor. My health and well being as well as my future family to come are my responsibility and mine alone.

The intention of this blog post is to strike a chord within you and stimulate the energy of positivity and immediate action. I want us all to accept the challenge presented to us, learn the rules of the cosmic game and become masters of our own domain, mind, body and spirit.

Do you accept the challenge?

Peace, blessings and abundant health!

-BE, love :-) -Brother Echo

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