Juice Cleanse Detox, 36 of 40 Days – Arugala and Pushups

Juice Cleanse Detox, 36 of 40 Days – Arugala and Pushups


Well it’s another Friday and that means it’s Pushup Friday’s! James and I missed out last week, as it was a crazy day and we weren’t in the flow but this week we got back to our groove. Although we didn’t get James on camera today, off camera he rounded out the week with another 45 pushups, great work!Brother Echo and Emily Doing Pushups

However, today we had a very special surprise guest for Pushup Friday’s, Emily Harper! Emily has been a regular at the Open Source Truck for a couple months, it was such a surprise when she volunteered to Join us for Pushup Friday’s!

Emily was a soldier and continued on with Brother Echo for the duration of the pushup marathon. All said and done Emily busted out a whopping 15 pushups and Brother Echo got a personal best of 56 (in about 90 secs).

I must say, I was so stoked Emily hung in there, I guess all that cross-fit training she’s been doing is paying of.

I on the other hand, I didn’t really know what I would end up doing considering I’ve been juicing for 36 days thus far. Although I have an abundance of energy, that doesn’t always translate to pure physical energy and excursion. I was happy I “1-up’d” my previous best 55. On the flip side, I’ve got a long way to go to reach our goal of 100 by summers end.

Juicy Arugula Experimentation

Oh how I’m in love with arugula! I can’t begin to tell you how much I really love this divine and tasty herb. It wasn’t until just yesterday that I juiced arugula for the first time and it was instant love.

As I sit here typing this post I’m anticipating completion because I’m going to make my way to the kitchen and prepare my first savory juice with arugula.

This afternoon for lunch I made another relatively sweet green juice with arugula, kale and some other goodies (pictured above). I’m finding that I really like the nutty, peppery taste arugula brings to my taste buds, it’s a fresh new experience and now I’m full steam ahead testing out new combinations and ideas.

Arugula is very alkalizing so it is extremely beneficial when juiced or eaten in salad for that matter. When you combine arugula with the likes of beet greens or green kale the benefits are even more pronounced.

Brother Echo at Whole Foods July 2012

Anticipation is Building

So that’s a wrap for today, overall it was another fantastic day and we are just a few days away from completing this cleanse.

As the date gets closer I can feel the anticipation of my friends, co-workers and customers who will be in attendance at Whole Foods for the LIVE FOOD DEMO, DIALOG and breaking of the cleanse. July 10th is going to be EPIC and I hope to see you there too.

For more information go to BrotherEcho.com and check out the events page HERE!

Peace and blessings,

-BE, love :-) -Brother Echo

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