Brother Echo’s Preventative HealthCare Plan

Brother Echo’s Preventative HealthCare Plan

Aloha Family!

This Tuesday July, 10th at Whole Foods Market 3rd and Fairfax Brother Echo will be ending a 40 Day and 40 Night Juice Cleanse and Detox. This is a personal milestone and significant accomplishment with regard to cleansing and detoxing the mind, body and spirit but the ending of this cleanse isn’t the highlight of the evening.

Brother Echo’s Preventative Healthcare Plan

Brother Echo's Preventative Healthcare Plan

The highlight of the evening is the inception of “Brother Echo’s Preventative Healthcare Plan”.

For far too long we have gotten by as living a mediocre lifestyle, slowly poisoning our bodies with processed foods, chemicals and ignorance. For far too long we have ignorantly trusted corporations and a faulty medical industry (corrupted by pharmaceutical companies) with our health and well-being.

This old paradigm of hoping for the best has come to an end and together we are going to explore what it is we need to do as individuals to take personal ownership of our own health, longevity and quality of life.

I am so excited to come together this July 10th! Whole Foods 3rd and Fairfax is going to be jam packed with people and the atmosphere is going to be ELECTRIC!!!

If you have never been to a Brother Echo LIVE FOOD DEMO & DIALOG, this is the one to be at. We are going to be celebrating our new lives as conscious human beings and moving forward with a plan for success, abundance and unparalleled happiness.

I’ll see you all this next Tuesday July, 10th at 6pm sharp. For more information visit the EVENTS page at

Love, Abundance and Happiness for all beings everywhere!

-BE, love :-) -Brother Echo

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