Give Yourself Permission to Step Into Your Mastery

Give Yourself Permission to Step Into Your Mastery

Blessings and infinite abundance on this magical SUNday.

Let us give ourselves permission today to allow belief systems and old ways of thinking to fall away, let us open our BEING to the truth of who we really are… perfect love.

Play the game, but don’t get caught up in it. The world doesn’t need anymore followers or believers, the world needs us to think for ourselves and reconnect to our intuition.

Let us reestablish our natural connections with nature, our fellow brothers, sisters and spirit through the vehicle of LIVING-FOODS and the angels of LIGHT.

Live Food and Bhakti

Let us decide in this moment we will consciously bring more light into the body via our diet. Let us fully comprehend this is a spiritual practice and the highest of any religious experience (maintaining a clear unpolluted body-temple and channel).

Let us take time today to step outside and receive the LIGHT information bestowed by the Sun-Christ above. Let us acknowledge that our entire body is a SOULar panel designed to receive angels of light. In this acknowledgement we find the courage (not faith) to be consistent in our devotion to enhancing and optimizing our collective human experience so that we ascend together as a star-family.

Most of all, let us on this day, in this moment not take ourselves too seriously. It’s okay to laugh and it’s okay to enjoy this life without ANY form of fear or attachment to a belief.

In case we have forgotten, this is a reminder… YOU ARE IT!!!

Temet Nosce,

BE, love :-)

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