Choose to Surround Yourself with POSITIVE People!

Choose to Surround Yourself with POSITIVE People!

From the moment I got up today and stepped outside, the sun hit my skin, my eyes took in the clear blue skies, I took a breath and said to myself today is going to be an AMAZING day. To be honest not all days start out like this, although I’m finding they are coming more and more frequently.

What I noticed in particular today as I took my first steps outside was how good I felt because of my surrounding environment. The warm sun, the clear skies and the relatively clean air triggered something that made me certain I was going to have the best day ever!

This train of thought got me thinking even more about the environment that I surround myself in on a regular basis in my daily life. It was made clear to me that in the very same way that I felt radiant and blissful because of the outside environmental surroundings, this same phenomenon also holds true with regard to the people I associate with, the music I listen to, what I read, what I watch on television and all aspects of what I choose to allow into my field of consciousness.

We would all benefit tremendously if we sat with this truth. Perhaps if we took more time to choose wisely and consciously who and what we let into our daily lives, we would more easily have sway over the reality we manifest for ourselves.

Energy Vampires Are Our Teachers, If We Let Them Go

There are so many times we allow people (energy vampires) into our lives that do not benefit us. If we could only see the lessons best to be learned from these people are in letting them go and moving on.

All too often it is difficult to let these people (or things) go because at some point in our lives the good times and the positive energy was flowing and we tend to cling to memories of old. We would benefit in comprehending that some people are meant to be in our lives for certain specific lessons and then we are to move on. We cannot cling to the past or hope for a better future, we must allow the present to be clear of all negativity including those who we are no longer energetically in alignment with.

If we want to improve ourselves, if we want to live enriched and enhanced lives we must bring our awareness to who and what we choose to surround ourselves with.

With that said, let us meditate daily, contemplate, observe and see clearly who and what in our lives we are ready to let go of. Let us have the courage to allow these teachers to go on their way so that we can all find new purpose on our individual paths.

Temet Nosce,

-BE, love :-) -Brother Echo

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