Preserving and Fermenting Cabbage

Preserving and Fermenting Cabbage


Today we’re at Whole Foods Market 3rd and Fairfax to check in with Master Preserver Susan Nickels and Cooking at 3rd and Fairfax coordinator Sibyl Fenwick. Susan Nickels is going to quickly show us how easy it is to preserve our own food at home. Susan also chimes in on a couple of health benefits with regard to preserving food, namely “good bacteria” also known as, lactobacillus.

One of the other appealing benefits to preserving food is it’s relatively inexpensive and allows a person the ability to buy food at a lower cost now to preserve for later when prices go up.

Preserving food is also a fun activity to do with friends, family and especially kids. I can remember in fact growing up and seeing fermented foods in storage at several relatives houses. Although I never got the chance as a kid to participate I know I would have jumped at the opportunity had it been presented to me.

If you would like to participate yourself in any of the cooking, preserving or un-cooking classes at Whole Foods Market 3rd and Fairfax visit the website to find out when the next classes are scheduled.

Be sure to mark your calendars for Brother Echo’s LIVE FOOD DEMO’S and DIALOGS, hosted by Brother Echo twice a month every other Tuesday.

See you at the market!


-BE, love :-) -Brother Echo

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