Permanent Cure For Herpes

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It occurred to me recently that I have found a permanent cure for the viral disease we call genital herpes. The cure is something that most of us inherently are tuned in to and have an abundance of but the unfortunate fact is that the majority of us don’t tap into this infinite source of healing and magick.

The cure that I speak of is the healing powers of truth!

Truth telling with regards to herpes in particular is a 100% guaranteed cure for the disease (karmic predicament).

It is quite an unfortunate reality we find ourselves abiding and living in, where speaking the truth is quite out of the ordinary. In fact those who are committed to speaking and living the truth are often ridiculed, marginalized and labeled queer.

It is a tragedy to say the least that we live in a world where truth is an oddity and deception is rewarded and quietly encouraged.

Now more than any other time in the history of humanity, truth telling is needed to radically change all of the world and its inhabitants.

As the world is today, we are saturated in the low vibratory fields of deception and fear.

It is time for a change!

Everything that we see occurring in the world, war, corrupt politicians, rampant poverty, escalating disease, anger and aggression can all be attributed to one root source and that is our inability to speak and be truth which is in turn the denial of truth.

The absolute truth, is that we are actually not these wild savages who drag our feet through life clinging to material illusions and fearful dogmatic religions, etc.

The absolute truth, is that we are in fact the divine light, source power, energy or unconditional love. We are not weak and fearful human beings that grovel and beg for guidance from government or authority.

We are in fact, the authority.

We are in fact, the source of all good things.

We are in fact, the light that dismisses all darkness and calls upon all beings to love and cherish one another.

The truth is we have only lost our way, but now we are on the path back to love.

If one loves his or herself in the most profound way possible, there is no possibility in the universe that this person would ever do anything to another human being that would bring pain, discomfort or struggle.

The point we are making is that if we loved ourselves as we all have the capacity to do, we could never sleep with someone knowing that we have a disease (herpes) in the body.

I am speaking from personal experience, there is no worse haunting feeling in the world than deceiving someone, sleeping with them and not revealing the truth.

I can also testify from my own personal experience there is no better feeling in the world than summoning the courage to speak the truth at all times. There is no faster way to connect to the divine source of the universe than to stay firmly seated in the eternal, welcoming embrace of truth.

We have to get out of the mindset that we can fix our problems by outside sources. In the case of herpes millions of people in this country (1 out of every 4 people) that have genital herpes are hoping for a pharmaceutical cure for herpes. No matter if a pharmaceutical company found a pill to remove herpes from the body, there is still the matter of karma, truth and ultimately self love that needs to be addressed.

When I think back to the morning I slept with the girl who I got herpes from I remember being intoxicated from drinking alcohol. I slept with this girl without using any protection (which I had) knowing full well the chance that I was taking, yet I still did it.

Looking back now, there is an issue there.

First of all being the young age of 16 I had no business poisoning my body with alcohol but that is in fact what I had done. The fact that I chose to drink alcohol consistently at such a young age is an indicator that I was not fully living in concert with my divinity or higher self (the truth of who I was). Furthermore, to have sexual relations without using any protection knowing the risk of contracting a disease is more evidence that I was lost and disconnected from who and what I truly am, unconditional love.

If circumstances were different and I had unconditional love for myself, I would have never put myself in the a state of intoxication and I would have never disrespected myself by sleeping with a girl I barely knew without protection.

I was living in an illusion, a self sustained illusion that was fueled by alcohol, youth and ignorance. This same illusion is what the vast majority of the world lives in today. We don’t have to have herpes but if it’s not that it’s something else.

What I find absolutely fascinating is that we don’t have to live in this illusion or ignorance, we actually have a choice about how we want to live our lives.

Do we want to live in a place of fear and deception or do we want to live in the high vibratory state of unconditional love?

It may sound strange to hear the cure for herpes is the truth, but the fact is there is nothing more we need right now in the world than people who can be truthful with themselves and with others.

Truth speaking is an indication of a compassionate and awakened human being. When a person commits to speaking and being the truth, he or she is in alignment with the divine source of all life, unconditional love.

Be it our poor diets, drug and alcohol addictions, abusive relationships, gambling problems, insecurity, embarrassment, depression, adultery or any of the other karmic predicaments we find ourselves… the truth is THAT ISN’T WHO WE ARE!

The root to most problems in our individual lives is that we are failing to acknowledge our true self. Our true self has no fear, isn’t embarrassed about anything, would never lie to another human being and certainly of all we would not live a life where we continually lied to ourselves day in and day out.

It is time to discover the truth and unconditional love within each and every one of us. Truth is encoded in our DNA and saturating every molecule of our body.

To access this truth all that is required is the will to do so.

And so it was written, so shall it be done.


-Brother Echo
-BE, truth :-)

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