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A Message of Positivity That Echoes

When it comes to cultivating consciousness, confidence and heart there is no bigger advocate than Brother Echo. Brother Echo is a respected teacher, healer and channel whose humility, grounded heart and transparency are the keys to his success.

Brother Echo is many things but most certainly not limited to one; a RA-food chef, juicing guru, cleanse and detox expert, energetic healer, breathwork practitioner, medium, channel, author, producer, host, entrepreneur and entertainer.

Brother Echo is a shining lighthouse of love in action. Brother Echo’s message and teachings appeal to people from all walks of life, his life experience has taken him to the darkest and most fearful of places, only to emerge a humble, confident and compassionate teacher, guide and distributor of heart medicine.

Everyone Loves a Comeback StoryBefore He Was Brother Echo, He Was Lost

It wasn’t too long ago that the man you are getting to know so well “Brother Echo”, was desperately depressed, confused and painfully lost in the insidious world of addiction. It wasn’t always this way, Michael Roberson (Brother Echo) had a relatively good upbringing, with a supportive family and friends but as many of us know sometimes life can really take a turn for the worse (or so it seems).

Several years ago Brother Echo found himself fresh out of college and into the workforce living a life like many of us do, mundane, monotonous and lacking substance. Because of this disconnect to what Brother Echo often refers to as “purpose” he slowly found himself succumbing to a false reality, a reality that all too many of us subscribe to; alcohol, drugs, promiscuity and distraction.

Brother Echo fell deep into this world and hit absolute rock bottom. By the good grace of Universal Source Oneness and support of friends and family Brother Echo who we affectionately refer to as “BE” got a second chance at life (actually 5th or 6th chance) and finally got it right!

BE, moved out to California removing himself from a world of darkness and sure as the Sun rises, he began to see what we all eventually come to see in ourselves, the ever present and consistent support and light of the universe. Brother Echo has been a recovered alcoholic and drug addict for several years. Because of all his past experiences and successful transition to a conscious lifestyle of sobriety he has cultivated a literal “heart medicine” for all those others who seek liberation.

Brother Echo engaging crowd at raw food demo and lecture.

The Transformation of a Lifetime

Shortly after BE, got sober he had an enlightening experience in which he decided to become RA-vegan. Since that auspicious night of divine intervention he has over the past 5 years become one of the leading voices in the RA-vegan and conscious lifestyle community. More recently Brother Echo has moved from just promoting RA-vegan diet and has been promoting a high-plant-based-diet and has actually incorporated eggs and other animal foods into his personal diet. One thing is for sure you will never pin Brother Echo down, he is always learning, always sharing and always telling you the truth of how it is for him, no matter what.

Starting off knowing absolutely nothing about health or nutrition Brother Echo has rapidly earned his wings and has become a respected voice in many health, fitness and conscious communities. For several years now Brother Echo has been speaking to people of all walks of life about his story of recovery and confidence. There’s no one more passionate about teaching others how to follow their hearts. Brother Echo gives you the tools that allow you to make a conscious self transformation, he explains that there isn’t anything you cannot heal in the body-temple. All disease is directly linked to an imbalance in the mind, Brother Echo has healed his own body-temple of the following imbalances of the mind; type II diabetes, depression, anxiety and genital herpes!

All Cards Are on The Table

Although these past several years have been tremendous in the way of learning and growing, Brother Echo has now firmly announced to his immediate community and the world, he’s has put all his cards on the table. That is to say, he’s not holding anything back! Brother Echo is doing this because it is his life’s purpose and in his experience, the more honest, open and truthful he is with the world, it’s a permission slip for everyone else to do the same.

You will find on any given day now Brother Echo speaking with people candidly about all of his past transgressions and life lessons. As of late the big topic of discussion and what is drawing so much attention is his condition (former) or what he often refers to as his (karmic predicament) dealing with genital herpes.

With recent studies showing that 1 out of every 4 people have the herpes virus in their body, it’s clear to see why so many people are resonating with Brother Echo’s surprisingly unabashed message of truth and authentic true life stories from his past.

You’ve got to love yourself until all the fear is gone, then you will see who you are and then you will be who you are.

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