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Your Sense of Humor

Because of the many experiences in my life, ranging from the torment of uncontrollable addictions to the overwhelming and choking grip of fear and anxiety—having overcome these once “depressing” energies—I can testify to the skillful means I used to remove these insidious imbalances.

It wasn’t until I discovered the means of “Self” illumination within myself, that I was able to direct my conscious awareness to cultivate and develop the innate tools which are the basic stock of all human beings. The Self illuminating tools we have available to us, should we choose to expand our awareness and capacity to love unconditionally, are only limited by the hue, depth and audacity of our imagination.

The Self you know yourself to be, is but only a flickering candle whose flame struggles with fierce desperation to stoke its burning desire—in the endeavor to intimately know, and feel the brilliance and warmth of the suns luminous rays. Those rays of “Divine Will” that first set ablaze the eternal, inquisitive and unstoppable urge that speaks to you from the plane of your higher Self, the natural intelligent human urgency to love beyond all measure—serving the single point of Spirit whose intrinsically interdependent Divine Will, is but our own.

Now in the midst of a turbulent and perfectly unpredictable human experience, you and I through countless streams of impermanent lifetimes, learn to beckon the Spirit within, so that she might reveal the true nature, tone and frequencies of unconditional love.

Such a life aimed toward this endeavor—of loving Self discovery and service to Spirit—will with the blessings of the Earth, Moon and Stars become the key-note and ringing-tone that calls forth the hearts of all mankind. With an unexpected harmonic leap from one plane to another, not even a moment will have passed where upon all of mankind—in a crescendo of loving devotion—sings the truth of all life in a perfect harmonious uni-verse, that expresses the significant contribution of humanity—the race of men—amongst the hierarchy of all intelligent creation.

Each of us in our own time and at our own pace is learning how to expand our Self and make more room to love unconditionally. In order to unconditionally love all that touches each of our individual experiences in life, first we must learn to love our Self unconditionally. Our curriculum comes in the form of our day-to-day experience of life, and the speed at which we advance and optimize ourselves as human beings depends directly upon our commitment to Self.

I want to talk with you now about how your “Sense” of humor can radically change the way you feel, see and appreciate the world around you.

Your Sense of Humor

Happiness as Your “Self”

Happiness is your natural state of being. From the time you open your eyes to the suns morning light, to the anticipated hour, you rest your head at night, all the cascading moments that ceaselessly flow there and in-between, each of these, precious jeweled and ripe opportunities whereupon happiness is begging to be seen.

To see the sacred truth in each of these precious moments, is your practice indeed. With your conscious awareness, you embark to remember, to remember, the truth of happiness—which is here for all to see.

If for a single moment you find your Self identified as that which fosters doubt and fear, let that moment be the catalyst which activates your tool of discernment. As you learn to cultivate your discernment and distinguish reality from illusion, you will happily discover (remember) the radical truth of who you already are.

In the consistent revelation of that which you already are—and can never not be—there is only happiness.

Remember your truth-full Self.

The truth being, you are one-hundred-percent without a doubt, the single point in the universe which the intelligence of all creation—Universal Source Oneness—is expressing itself. You are an interdependent, unique, psychedelic fountain of absolute novelty. The literal energy that powers and expresses such an unimaginable fractal consciousness such as your unique Self, is nothing less than unconditional love.

Don’t worry, be your Self.

Don’t worry, be happy!

Let’s talk more about cultivating, sustaining and being happiness. Click below to learn more about the 6-Keys to Happiness.


Experience Equals Confidence

You have the opportunity to take absolute dominion over the unfolding experience of your life. Your ability to captain your own vessel and navigate life with confidence relies on your capacity to fully commit to your Self. This means that through your thoughts, words, and actions, you express a true commitment to unconditional Self love. Self love is the foundation of true happiness, peace and equanimity.

Your confidence gains its endurance and quality specifically through your life experiences. Your thoughts, words and actions have everything to do with how your life experiences unfold. In other words, in each moment, you have the opportunity to either experience the propagation of redundant neurotic tendencies, or—through the insistence of your Divine Will—you can invoke Spirit, and with the guidance of Universal Source Oneness, confidently with grace and ease of heart, you and Spirit, joyously co-create a life experience of unimaginable beauty.

When you see the magick and unlimited opportunity that is always present in your unpredictable flowing life experience, you will be prompted to take dominion over the experience of your life. The decision to take on such Divine responsibility inevitably directs your conscious awareness to the endeavor of Self love.

Every thought word and action coming from the foundation of Self love, exponentially coalesces the experiences of your life with a certain degree of predictability. Not so much as the specific outcome, but speaking more to the consistent quality of your life experience.

As you begin to see the impact and power you wield over the outcome of your experiences, it also becomes apparent—that through these divinely orchestrated experiences—you command the capacity to cultivate and sustain your Self confidence.


Discover the power and potency behind declaring your hearts desires to Universal Source Oneness and confidently call Spirit into your life.


Optimize and enhance your body-temple, up your game and commit to a consistent fitness routine that works for you and gets the real results.


Receive guidance from the intelligence of the universe and better navigate your world, with a consistent daily meditation practice that gets results.


Your demonstration of gratitude is a clear reflection of your hearts quality, and the catalyst from which all your life’s finest work will find its inception.


In order to fully optimize your mind, body and Spirit, one must adopt a lifestyle that enhances the “body-temple” with full spectrum nutrition.


What you appreciate, will then also appreciate. You have a choice with how you see the world, and how the world sees you.


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